photo by Arina Essipowitsch

With language, guitar and voice I hope to take the listener by the hand and into a song.  I have supported a diverse range of artists playing concerts over the past years like William Elliott Whitmore, Nina Nastasia, John Fullbright, A Hawk and a Hacksaw, Michael Nau. I also performed at festivals like the Fusion Festival, Down By the River, Olo Bianca, Reclaim Festival.  I am working with other kinds of performing arts as well, like the ‘Stories Two’ book reading in which I sang some original material between short stories read by German actor August Diehl (Inglorious Bastards). In 2017/18 I am working with the Internil theater group in cooperation with the Doppelpass Preise and Theaterdiscounter Berlin writing and performing ‘Apocalyptic Campfire Songs’ in the new Internil production Gog/Magog. Back in 2011 I released my first [official] album ‘Everyone Here Seems So Familiar’ under the [band] name Sarsaparilla. My latest two self-released albums     Ocean of Devotion and 0:0 are available online and in concert.




 December 9th, 2015