“cover photo © Nils Broer”

July 25th 2021 Berlin  Outdoors by the Kindle Brauerei- around the corner by the Kiosk by the garden with Pan Chimzee 9pm

August 6 2021 Brandenburg – Duval Werder – ‘ketchup island’

Upcoming Shows

Hafenbar Kleinkunst Gala Dec. 19, 2019 Berlin

Schall & Rauch Poetry Slam at Fabriktheater Moabit Jan.13th 2020

Schokoladen Lo-Fi Lounge Jan. 15th, 2020 Berlin full band Carbon Thieves

Sowieso Jan. 17th, 2020 Berlin

Peppi Guggenheim Jan. 25th 2020 Berlin

Loophole 21 uhr Feb. 14th GRRRRRL Haus Cinema Stupid Cupid show with Carbon Thieves

Apokalypse-Folk in Bergwerk – Slam, Koncert, Klettern Feb. 16, 2020 Berlin -solo-Tickets -Kiezpoeten

March 14th 2020 SOWIESO

Götten der Weisheit March 18th 2020

March 26th, Biosphäre Cafe,
Weserstr. 212, 12047 Berlin



November 21st, 2018 RELEASE SHOW!! new album BLUE BLOOD ECLIPSE performed with full band at The English Theater, Berlin 20uhr

November 15th acoustic pre-release show WINDOW SESSION Berlin 20 uhr

November 1st 2018 performing with Internil – Gog Magog 3 Israel at the Jewish Music and Theater Week in Dresden

October 7th 2018 20uhr  performing with Internil – Gog Magog 3 Israel at the Theaterlabor-Tor 6 Theaterhaus# Flausen Festival Bielefeld

Sept. 29th 2018  20uhr   performing with Internil – Gog Magog 4 Europa at the Das Camp Der Zukunft festival in Chur, Switzerland