Berlin End 2017 Shows

Nov. 19th / 18.00 uhr / Alter Rote Lowe Rein in Rixdorf, this is one of my most favorite bars in Berlin, and it is in my hood, it’s gonna be an early show at 6pm and all ages are welcome, it’s a pass the hat, we are gonna have some coffee and cake too.

Nov. 24th / 20 uhr / Deriva in Nuekoelln is also one of my favorite bars in Berlin, cozy for sure

Dec. 20th / 20 uhr / Schokoladen with Kitty’s lovely lo fi lounge

Dec. 7/8/9 / 20uhr Theaterdiscounter / I am performing my real songs with the internil performance group in the beautiful production of Gog/Magog part 3 / ISRAEL / get your tickets early this show is apocalyptic!